#NotTheCost: Qualitative Research Report on Violence Against Women in Politics in Fiji, Papua New Guinea, and Solomon Islands

Women are historically underrepresented in politics in the Pacific Islands; Fiji, Papua New Guinea, and Solomon Islands are no exception. At the same time, women in all three countries experience shocking levels of violence, in the home and in public. The convergence of traditional patriarchal gender stereotypes and societies accustomed to gender-based violence prevents women from claiming their political rights in democratic processes. This assessment builds on and contributes to research and action by the National Democratic Institute to eliminate violence against women in politics (VAW-P).

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About PacWIP

At least in theory in the Pacific today, there are no formal obstacles to equal participation in national political and parliamentary processes. However, due to historical and ongoing social, cultural and economic barriers, in practice, there is still a noticeable imbalance in the representation of women and men in Pacific legislatures and sub-national decision-making bodies....


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