Tonga excited to see women step towards politics

Lepolo Taunisila said most of the 15 women candidates had good qualifications, years of experience in various fields and that their participation was a blessing for Tonga. Read the Story
Photo: RNZ Pacific/123RF

Tongan leader hopeful for more women MPs

The head of the Tonga National Centre for Women and Children says she is proud to see so many women running for parliament in Tonga's upcoming general election. Read the Story
Some of the candidates for the upcoming elections in November 2017. (Photo: Matangi Tonga online)

Tonga: 11 women registered out of 39 candidates so far

39 candidates have registered on the first day of registration to contest Tongatapu's 10 constituencies in the November 16 General Election, while more are expected to register tomorrow, the final day of nominations. Read the Story
Part of the 39 candidates registered in Tonga so far. (Photo:Matangi Tonga online)

Women supported to campaign in Tonga

The head of Tonga's Civil Society Forum says getting more women into parliament is everyone's responsibility and its time for more gender balance in Tongan politics. Read the Story
Executive Director of the Civil Society Forum of Tonga, 'Emeline Siale 'Ilolahia. Photo: RNZ/Koro Vaka'uta

Tonga's snap election dampens women's representation hopes

Last month's dissolution of Tonga's Parliament by royal decree has put plans for greater representation for women on the backburner. Elections are to be held on November 16, a year earlier than planned, dampening the hopes of Tonga's women's rights advocates. Read the Story
Ms 'Ofa Guttenbeil-Likiliki. (Photo: RNZI / Koro Vaka'uta)

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