Fiji is scheduled to hold its next general elections in 2018. According to the Constitution of the Republic of Fiji 2013, the next General Election may not be held until at least three [3] years and six [6] months after the first sitting of parliament, after the last General Election.  The last General Election was on 17 September 2014, and first parliament sitting was on the 6 October 2014 after the last General Election. That means the next General Election will be held sometime between April and October 2018.  

According to the Fiji Elections Office website, as of 5th April 2018, seven (7) registered political parties are active in Fiji, and set to contest the 2018 elections. The 7 Political parties are:

  1. Fiji Labour Party (FLP)
  2. National Federation Party (NFP)
  3. Social Democratic Liberal Party (SODELPA)
  4. People’s Democratic Party (PDP)
  5. FijiFirst
  6. Fiji United Freedom Party (FUFP)
  7. Unity Fiji

Two of the seven political parties have released their provisional list of candidates. SODELPA announced it’s provisional list of 30 candidates on 9th December 2017, out of which 5 are women. The NFP announced its provisional list of 40 candidates in two separate media releases on 02 February 2018, and then March 02nd 2018, out of which 7 are women. Unity Fiji also indicated that in a  media article March 2018 that they would soon announce up to 51 provisional candidates.

Updates on the upcoming Fiji elections will be provided on this page as more information becomes available.