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This page collects stories on developments throughout the Pacific in promoting women in politics. Because many news sites in the Pacific archive their stories after a period of time, we have replicated the stories in full on this page, to keep an archive on efforts and article in the region. We thank all Pacific news colleagues for their contributions in sharing stories on women in politics. If you have a story we have missed, please send it to the PacWIP team on

(07 September 2017)
Last month's dissolution of Tonga's Parliament by royal decree has put plans for greater representation for women on the backburner. Elections are to be held on November 16, a year earlier than planned, dampening the hopes of Tonga's women's rights advocates. Lik
(20 August 2017)
Papua New Guinea's prime minister says he's looking to revive a proposal to reserve 22 seats in the country's parliament for women.  No women were elected in recent elections, making Papua New Guinea one of the few countries with no female representation.
(14 August 2017)
The recent election in Papua New Guinea (PNG) continued with a semblence of chaotic campaigns. With violence breaking out both during the electoral campaign and after the results had been confirmed, an attempted kidnapping of a candidate, problems with the&
(10 August 2017)
The United Nations Development Programme has joined the Registrar of Political Parties, the Chief Ombudsman and the highest polling female candidate in the national elections to call for political leaders, governments and voters to commit to real change to progress female participa
(10 August 2017)
A scholar of Pacific politics says women have been priced out of the election "game" in Papua New Guinea. No women have been elected to the new parliament despite a record 167 women going forward for election. All three women MPs in the previous 111-seat legislature lost t
(06 July 2017)
Solomon Islands' minister for women, Freda Tuki Soriocomua, who is also the only woman in Solomon Islands' 50 member parliament, says she does not believe having reserve seats for women is the best way to progress women's leadership in the country. According to the I
(30 June 2017)
On the eve of Papua New Guinea's national election, a source of hope within the candidate field of one rural district may not be enough to bring real change. PNG begins polling next week after a typically exuberant campaign period. In the rural village belt of Central provin
(21 June 2017)
Papua New Guinea's veteran politician Sir Michael Somare has called on voters to support women candidates contesting this month's national election. Speaking to local media, Sir Michael said there were many wonderful women contesting the five-yearly polls, and that the coun
(08 June 2017)
Papua New Guinea’s Greens Party president and founder of PNG Women in Politics Dorothy Tekwie has called on voters in next month’s general election to support leaders who support women representation in Parliament. She said the Equality and Participation Act had already
(05 June 2017)
Monday 05th June, 2017. Suva Fiji. By Kalesi Mele. National Federation Party vice-president, Priscilla Singh, is calling for more women participation in the political sphere. This comes after the party indicated an intention to have about 50 per cent of women candidates in t
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