Francesca Semoso Elected to PNG National Parliament

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31st October, 2023

The Autonomous Bougainville Region has voted in their first woman representative into the National Parliament. Pangu candidate, Francesca Semoso, has been declared member elect for the North Bougainville Open seat after passing the absolute majority.

Semoso collected 14,851 votes after the 15th exclusion round passing the absolute majority of 14,164 votes.

Bougainville President Ismael Toroama was among the first leaders to congratulate Semoso. He highlighted that Semoso is not new to tthe political environment in Bougainville.

“The Hon. Francesca Semoso is a strong advocate of social issues, and progressive development. And an even stauncher advocate of Bougainville’s desire for political independence from Papua New Guinea. She will champion Bougainville’s Independence aspirations on the floor of the National Parliament to the best of her ability,” said Toroama.

The North- Bougainville Open seat was left vacant following the death of former member, William Nakin last July. Toroama said for more than a year the people of North Bougainville were deprived of the right of representation in the National Parliament.

“I am glad that the people of North Bougainville finally have a National Member of Parliament, who will represent North Bougainville in the 11th National Parliament of Papua New Guinea,” Toroama said.

Semoso was one of the four female candidates who contested the seat. She becomes the third women elected into the 11th Parliament.


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