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This page collects stories on developments throughout the Pacific in promoting women in politics. Because many news sites in the Pacific archive their stories after a period of time, we have replicated the stories in full on this page, to keep an archive on efforts and article in the region. We thank all Pacific news colleagues for their contributions in sharing stories on women in politics. If you have a story we have missed, please send it to the PacWIP team on

(24 March 2017)
The idea for a Practice Parliament for Women came about as a direct response to the call from women around the Pacific region to be supported, and to have their political and policy skills developed. This initiative drew on the positive experiences reported from youth parliament forums
(13 March 2017)
Port Moresby, 13 March 2017 –   The National Parliament hosted a historic first-ever Practice Parliament Session for Women, with Hon Deputy Speaker John Simon presiding over 45 women participants from all over the country. All were who are intending to run as candid
(01 February 2017)
By Silvia Cosier ( Growing numbers of women may be taking their places in political life around the world, but in many parts of the world, their numbers are woefully small. Women in politics are a rarity in th
(20 January 2017)
Lawyer and former Deputy Clerk of Parliament, Gabrissa Hartman has been elected a Member of Parliament in the Nauru parliament. Hartman is the new MP for the Ubenide constituency and is Nauru’s second woman parliamentarian in the current parliament. She received an absolute majori
(03 January 2017)
They say e au le inailau a tina ma tama’ita’i.  Fiame Naomi Mata’afa is a living testimony of that in Samoa – and around the world.  In a year when the ruling Human Rights Protection Party (H.R.P.P) celebrated another victory, the highlight with
(06 October 2016)
12 July, 2016. The Commonwealth Observer Mission monitoring Nauru's election says the low number of women contesting the polls is disappointing. Four women vied for a seat in the 19 member parliament but only one, Charmaine Scotty, was elected. Ms Scotty was the only woman i
(06 October 2016)
A retired Papua New Guinea MP, Dame Carol Kidu, says the country has missed its opportunity to balance the representation of women in parliament. In 2011 PNG passed a bill to set up 22 reserved seats for women but enabling legislation was not passed in time for the following year
(06 October 2016)
05 October, 2016. The Deputy Prime Minister of Samoa says women do not think of politics as a natural career path. The level of women's representation in parliament in the Pacific is among the lowest in the world with women comprising less than 16 percent of all parliamentarians
(06 October 2016)
05 October 2016.The Speaker of the Cook Islands Parliament says women need to be bold and stand in elections. Six women put themselves forward in a snap election which was held in 2014 ahead of the country's 50th anniversary of self government. There are currently four women
(31 August 2016)
Port Vila, 31 August 2016 - Over 30 young women are attending a training workshop in Port Vila aimed at enabling them to effectively engage in political development through capacity development. The training on Tuesday and today focuses on leadership skills, public speaking and Temp
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