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Vanuatu has a population of approximately 250,000 people. The National Parliament has 52 members. Elections are held every 4 years. There are 17 constituencies used, with between 1 and 7-member constituencies. Vanuatu uses the single-non-transferable-vote system.

Since Independence, only five women have been elected to Parliament. The last general elections were held in Vanuatu on 22 January 2016, following the dissolution of the Parliament by the President of Vanuatu, H.E. Baldwin Lonsdale, in November 2015. The dissolution of Parliament was a result of the conviction of 14 members of parliament on bribery charges. 

A total of 261 candidates contested the elections, with 68 independents and 193 candidates from 36 political parties. 10 women contested in the 2016 election representing 3.8% of all candidates. Unfortunately, no women have been elected into the current Parliament. 

No Women MPs

No Women MPs