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19th August, 2014

The values and policies of the FijiFirst party have attracted more women to be part of the party’s line-up for the September 17 elections.
Former civil servant Luisa Waqanika and former radio presenter Adi Laisa Balavu, were two of the five women among the thirty FijiFirst candidate nominees announced on Friday. They said the party had a vision that was beneficial for everyone.
Mrs Waqanika hailed the policies of the party and said the leadership of the party also played a huge part in her choosing to contest under the FijiFirst banner.
“This Government has brought about evidence of what they have implemented in the country since they came in,” she said.
“I am going to represent the women because their voices need to be heard and I would also want to reach out to the communities.”
This, she said, was because women brought about a lot of changes and were also pillars in lots of development.
Mrs Waqanika added that although a lot may have been said about the party, all the political parties needed to work together in order to bring about multi-culturalism in the country.
Adi Laisa said it was her passion to serve people and the FijiFirst policies dictated her decision to contest the poll under a FijiFirst ticket.
“I like their priorities in putting Fiji first and what they have done over the years have brought things into reality,” she said.
“This Government has also brought about honesty and transparency.”
She said the representation of women in the party was fair and they were also granted privileges like other candidates.
Out of the 50 named in the FijiFirst party, 16 are women.

Source: FijiSun

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