Vanuatu Women target six portfolios: Candidate Maryanne Bani

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07th September, 2012

Outspoken women’s leader and independent candidate for Port Vila Constituency, Maryanne Bani, said she would make sure women will hold six ministerial portfolios if they make it into the newly elected Government after the General Elections.

Bani said so far she has been approached by two different political parties already requesting her to form a bloc for the new government, should they get into Parliament and added that she would be part of their bloc only if they agreed to have six women to be state ministers, while the rest of the portfolios goes to the male MPs.

The female politician stated that already there are confirmed 17 women showing interest to contest in the upcoming elections, and six potential candidates are picked already from constituencies of Shepherd-outer Islands, Port Vila, AmbrymEpi and Santo rural.

Confident that more women will enter Parliament after the elections, Bani said the portfolios that the women should acquire includes the position of Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Trades, Commerce and Industry, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Finance, Minister of Education, Minister of Internal Affairs and Minister of Agriculture.

The woman leader stated that the outcome of this initiative will promote gender balance within the Government, as well as there would be equal sharing of power and decision making, while at the same time promote women in our society.

She is making this comment even before the Electoral Office makes announcements on the list of candidates or even the election proper takes place.

[Vanuatu Daily Post, by Glenda Shing]

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