Tools offered for boosting Pacific women MP numbers

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30th November, 2015

Pacific women Photo: AFP

15 November 2015. Candidates’ security around election time is one reason that women in Papua New Guinea are put off running for parliament.

The security issue is among a host of barriers contributing to the Pacific region’s lowly rate of women’s political representation.

MPs, parliamentary Speakers and senior government officials from 13 Pacific countries have gathered in Port Moresby to gain tools on how to boost the 5.6% rate which is the world’s lowest.

The UN’s Roy Trivedy says delegates have heard many different experiences including how Samoa’s requirement for a minimum five women MPs in Parliament has been working.

“Equally important is the emphasis they have put on building partnerships and coalitions for people who really can make a difference on this. The stronger the leadership’s commitment to this the easier it becomes to break this barrier.” 


(Source: Radio New Zealand)

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