Solomon Islands holds Mock Parliament Training for women

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11th February, 2014

Participants at the first Mock Parliament training for women in Solomon Islands.

A MOCK parliament for women will be conducted at the National Parliament from February 10 to 13.

Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat in close collaboration with the UNDP Pacific Centre, the  National Parliament of Solomon Islands and the Solomon Islands Government are organising the event.

This is part of moves to advance women’s participation in leadership and decision making.

The 4 days training program is aimed to provide participants with necessary skills and knowledge of parliamentary procedures, the Electoral Commission, good governance and parliamentary leadership in Solomon Islands, separation of powers (Executive, Judiciary, Legislative) and Parliamentary Committees to name a few.

A total of 35 women participants throughout the country will part-take in the mock debate of the Rural Constituency Development Fund (RCDF) and its effectiveness to some essential services such as health, education, rural development & domestic violence.

Participants will have first hand information from various leaders within the Government, the National Parliament Office and representatives from the
UNDP in a form of training from Monday to Wednesday before the mock debate on Thursday on a motion on the Constituency Development Fund.

Dyfan Jones, UNDP’s Parliamentary Development Specialist based in Suva, Fiji, said that “through the convening of the mock parliament session for women, women will receive practical training and tools to help them develop and implement their electoral campaigns and have a better understanding of parliamentary processes which will prepare them for their prospective role as a parliamentarian.”

He believed that since the Pacific region has the lowest proportion of women Parliamentarians in the world this program will enable voters to become more aware about the value of having women in Parliament.

The mock parliament for women is part of broader UNDP regional programme.

Previously, UNDP has assisted national Parliaments to arrange mock parliaments in PNG, Kiribati, Palau and Marshall Islands.

The event is expected to be broadcasted live on Solomon Islands Broadcasting Cooperation and Telekom TV.


[Source: Solomon Star Online, February 10, 2014]

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