Sohe, Oro, Alotau: PNG women bravehearts

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12th July, 2012

Eyes on Sohe bravehearts

ALL eyes are on the Sohe seat where female candidate Delilah Pueka Gore is thrashing all the men in the 54-field Open Seat. After count 13, Delilah had opened up a handy 900 votes gap on her nearest rival and was steaming down the coast in fashion. There are four women in that race. Delilah, Helen, Mary and Maureen. If Delilah comes home, remember those four brave hearts!

Here comes the ‘iron Lady’

Women in Oro and elsewhere across the country are also anxiously watching the race in the Oro provincial seat. Of 71 candidates, 10 are women and one of them – Jean Eparo Parkop, wife of NCD Governor Powes Parkop – is firmly entrenched in the top 5. Will she be the ‘Iron Lady’ in the end?

Not only in Oro…

WELL it’s not only in Oro that women a flexing their might. Alotau Open also has three women who are causing a stir in the top eight. Go girls!
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