Singh encourages women to participate in political sphere

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05th June, 2017

Library picture: Fiji’s National Federation Party vice-president, Priscilla Singh.

Monday 05th June, 2017. Suva Fiji.

By Kalesi Mele.

National Federation Party vice-president, Priscilla Singh, is calling for more women participation in the political sphere.

This comes after the party indicated an intention to have about 50 per cent of women candidates in the next election.

Mrs Singh, who has been with NFP for 20 years, said there was a need for women to make use of the opportunity and be part of the electoral process.

She added a lot had changed and women had more opportunities to participate in political parties now compared with before.

“Our leader is very committed to ensuring that women apply and are chosen to stand in elections,” she said.

“When we speak of women’s participation in political processes it is not confined to voting alone.”

She added an even distribution of women politicians would ensure plights of communities were better addressed.

“Women will articulate your issues better, that’s a given.

“It means have a contribution and a say in matters that affect our lives. It means we claim our space in all decision-making, and unless we participate with commitment nothing will change for women.

“Women must participate. You need to step up and talk about your issues of unemployment, poverty, health and education because these are your issues too.”

[Source: The Fiji Times Online, 5th June 2017]

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