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13th September, 2012

Sandra Sumang Pierantozzi for President (PHOTO

A Pacific development expert says a three-way contest in this year’s presidential election in Palau will make it more interesting than usual. The sitting president, Johnson Toribiong, is up against his predecessor and a current senator, Tommy Remengesau Junior, as well as a former vice president, Sandra SumangPierantozzi.

As vice president from 2001 to 2005, the first woman to be appointed to that role in Palau, Pierantozzi held the highest rank of office ever attained by a woman in the Pacific. Dr Gerard Finin, who co-directs the Pacific Islands Development Programme at Hawaii’s East-West Centre, said she is still popular. “She was elected numerous times to various positions within Palau and has served as their Minister of State or Secretary of State as we call it, Minister of Foreign Affairs, essentially, and so I think she has some chance.” Dr Finin said the credentials of all three presidential candidates will make it a very interesting race to watch.

Radio New Zealand International via PACNEWS (PINA)

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Sandra Pierantozzi’s Mission:

  • To improve government services to the people;
  • to restore transparency, honesty and accountability in our government;
  • to uphold the integrity of our Constitution;
  • and to bring a people-centered government to our people.

Visit Sandra for President online and learn more about her campaign.

Watch the 15 August 2012 Presidential Debates ahead of the November 2012 Elections online at OceaniaTV

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