Niue’s Parliament at least 20 percent women

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12th May, 2017

Fale fono, Niue. (Photo credit: Radio New Zealand)

Provisional election results in Niue indicate a boost to women’s representation in Parliament.

At least four women have won a place in the 20-seat legislature after the country went to the polls at the weekend.

A fifth woman, Maureen Melekitama, is in a tie for one of the 14 village seats.

There were two women in the Fono Ekepule during the last parliamentary term.

Niue’s former High Commissioner to New Zealand, O’Love Jacobsen, gained the most common roll votes, and is one of two women to have gained one of the six open seats.

The other is Joan Viliamu.

Vaaiga Tukuitonga, who has been in Parliament for 18 years, retained her Alofi North seat.

Mona Ainuu is among only four newcomers to the fono, winning the village seat of Tuapa.

Michael Jackson took the Hakupu seat from Young Vivian.

Veteran opposition politician Terry Coe took the second highest number of votes after Ms Jacobsen, followed by the long-serving premier Sir Toke Talagi.

Ms Jacobsen and Sir Toke have said they would try for election to the premiership which is to be decided by the members of the fono.

One of the two tying contenders’ names will be picked out of a hat to decide who will represent the village of Mutalau.

[Source: Radio New Zealand, 09th May 2017]

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