New hope for women: Fa’asala of consultancy services of the Temporary Special Measure (TSM) Taskforce

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04th August, 2012

Vika’s victory is a new hope for women in Malaita in the area of political development and leadership changes in the province and the national as a whole.  Gender alert consultancy services of the Temporary Special Measure (TSMTaskforce Casper Fa’asala made this statement when he congratulated the winning candidate for North Malaita Constituency Vika Lusibaea.

Mrs Lusibaea won the North Malaita seat with a landslide victory of 2802 from close rival Fredrick Kwainairara who polled 901 votes.  Mr Fa’asala congratulated Mrs Lusibaea for her bravery in facing challenges amongst a strong patrilineal male dominant society during the campaign period.  He added that her victory also demonstrated well the legacy set by her husband which is also fundamental for the consideration of potential women leaders for the 2012 National General Elections.

“The victory illustrated that the support of men both within the family and in the community is crucial in order for women to overcome some of the political barriers in society that are obstacles to having more women in parliament.  “Women are also best decision makers in our society and should not be ignored of their right to achieving their maximum participation in decision making bodies such as the National Parliament, the law making body in the country,” he said.

He urged Mrs Lusibaea to be a role model to supporting the ongoing platform for Women in the Solomon Islands to Parliament in the preparations for the 2014 National General Election.

“Challenges ahead are not that easy but with the New Hope there is a New Future for Women.”

Mr Fa’asala pointed out that women need not to be strong in the battle for fair representation and participation in Parliament but must have the strength to journey through the challenges ahead.  He wished Mrs Lusibaea the best in her new leadership role, to deliver to the people in her constituency and most of all citizens of the country.  Temporary Special Measure (TSMTaskforce is the taskforce supporting options for Women in Parliament.

[Solomon Star, by Jennifer Kakai]

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