Nauru MP says parliaments are not just for men

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23rd October, 2013

Charmaine Scotty was elected to Parliament in Nauru earlier this year (Credit: ABC)

(23 October 2013, Rarotonga) New Nauru politician Charmaine Scotty is bucking the trend. After being disillusioned with politics in her country, earlier this year Ms Scotty stood for parliament believing there was no reason she couldn’t do a better job than the men. She recently secured a seat in the national assembly, only the second woman to do so since independence in 1968.

The Pacific region has the lowest level of representation of women in national legislatures, a tag that it would like to shake off.

Ms Scotty stood for parliament after a successful career in Nauru’spublic service and says she’s very comfortable in the public eye. “I’ve got the confidence which I think is what really enabled me to stand up and put my name up for politics,” she told Radio Australia’s Heather Jarvis. Ms Scotty was also confident that she had “the support of the community and what we’re wanting is a bit of Nauru for everyone.”

Ms Scotty is at the 12th Triennial Conference of Pacific Women that is taking place in the Cook Islands this week, and is hoping to inspire young females to be leaders in all areas of Pacific life.

“I think it’s important that women need to realise that they have a fair share, an equal share in their countries development not just for themselves as women, but for their families and their communities,” Ms Scotty said.


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