Nagusuca wants women’s issues to be priority

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04th July, 2014

(Photo Credit: Fiji Sun)

The SODELPA’s provisional candidate Nanise Nagusuca thought twice about joining politics back in 2004 when she was suddenly urged by her friends and relatives to take the seat of one of the parliament members that had passed away.

She never thought to join politics as she feared for her children’s education that were in tertiary institutes and thought that she needed to support them.

But she did some thinking and was elected to the House of Representative in the by-election for the North East Urban Fijian Communal constituency to fill a vacancy caused by the death of Filimone Banuve. She represented theSoqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua party (SDL) in the last general election.

Ms Nagusuca intends to make women’s issues and the fight against poverty a priority in Parliament. She said many women who had business skills could not afford to start their own businesses, and there were single mothers who needed support.

Before joining politics she was a civil servant for 27 years.
As a Fijian she spoke of land issues, qoliqoli, rights of Fijians and improving the livelihood of her province are some of the key areas that she is determined to bring changes to.

A resident of Nokonoko in Ra Province, she is married to Meli Nagusuca, with whom she has four children. She has Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees from the University of the South Pacific.

A career librarian, Ms Nagusuca worked on attachment in the United States and Canada for three months, as well as at the Western Regional Library inLautoka.
Source: Fiji Sun

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