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27th August, 2012

Mrs Lavenia Padarath and Adi Sivo Ganilau (PHOTO Matavuvale, 2005)

Seasoned politician and former Minister for Women, Culture and Social Welfare, Lavenia Padarath was elected as the new president of Fiji Labour Party Saturday in Nadi during the party’s annual conference which took place after a lapse of four years.  Padarath, a retired nurse was unanimously elected in the position which became vacant after the death of Jokapeci Koroi last year.  The party also elected David Eyre, Sachida Sharma and Monica Raghwan as vice presidents while Mahendra Chaudhry was re-elected as the party’s general secretary, KiniMaraiwai was elected as the assistant secretary.  FLP spokesperson and Suva lawyer, Rajendra Chaudhry told FijiLive that more than 90 members from around the country attended the conference and discussed some key issues.

And on top of their agenda was the party’s submission to the Constitution Commission.“We are in the preparatory phase of getting input on FLP’ssubmission from all our branches around the country and within 4 weeks. Everything will be presented and finalised in our National Council Meeting after which the submissions will be forwarded to the Commission.”  The high cost of living, poverty, stagnant wages and issues affecting the livelihoods of ordinary Fiji citizens are some of the issues the party wishes to discuss in its submission.

[FIJI LIVE by Indrani Krishna via PACNEWS]

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