Ms Charmaine Eraidinomo Scotty elected in Nauru’s Yaren Constituency!

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09th June, 2013

MP for Yaren Constituency, Charmaine Scotty (Photo: NauruMedia)

A new member for the Yaren District has been elected, Charmaine EraidinomoScotty.  An historic achievement in Nauru for the representation of women in parliament, Ms Scotty is only the second woman to ever be elected to NauruParliament.  Ruby Thoma was the first woman elected to the Nauru Parliament, and was elected four times in the 1980s and 1990s.

Charmaine Eraidinomo Scotty was a permanent secretary in the public service before campaigning in these elections.  Ms Scotty has served as Secretary in the Ministries of Health, Home Affairs, and Justice for the Government of Nauru, and has previous campaign experience from contesting the 2010 elections.

Alongside Ms Scotty, sitting member Dr. Kieren Keke has been returned in YarenConstituency.

68 candidates contested the Nauru General Elections this year, of these 5 are female candidates, including Ms Scotty:

  • Constituency of Aiwo: Ms. Pamela Eibutsina Scriven – Representative for Nauru to the Global Peace Council and Chairperson of Nauru Community Australia Inc.
  • Constituency of Anabar (Anabar, Ijuw, Anibare): Ms. Melissa Ika – School Principal, Nauru College
  • Constituency of Boe: Ms. Lidira Ephraim – Secretariat of the Pacific Community
  • Constituency of Yaren: Ms. Charmaine Eraidinomo Scotty – Secretary of Justice, Government of Nauru
  • Constituency of Menang; Ms. Jerielyn Teleni, Secretary-General, Nauru National Commission for UNESCO

In 2010, the April elections saw 86 candidates contesting for seats, of which 7 were women, and in the subsequent June 2010 elections there were 60 candidates, of which 5 were women, Charmaine Eraidinomo Scotty among them.

According to Nauru newsmedia, the elections are being viewed as the least predictable of elections in recent years, with voters wanting change and stability.

Results for Yaren are as follows:

Charmaine Eraidinomo Scotty: 1st with 303 votes

Dr. Kieren Keke: 2nd with 211 votes

Dominic Tabuna: 3rd with 187 votes

John Daigon Panen Julius: 4th with 170 votes

Omeri Agigo: 5th with 142 votes

Brian Amwano: 6th with 131 votes

Total votes cast – 474

Formal Votes – 468

Informal Votes – 6

The ballot boxes were delivered under police escort to Parliament House and counting started immediately. The live news casts began at 6:30pm Saturday evening, and continue all through the night with live coverage as the counting continues.

Keep an eye on the latest results and live/archived live newscasts at:

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