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17th October, 2012

Vanatu List of Candidates for Elections

On the approved list, 17 out of 346 are female political candidates:

  • Eta Rory (VLPMalekula
  • Rossie Jacob (INDAmbrym
  • Nicole Jimmy (GC) Tongoa
  • Rosemary Antas (VP) Malo/Aore
  • Marion Luen (MPP) Shepherds
  • Jennifer Manua (NUP) Southern Outer Islands
  • Marie Nicolas (VNP) Banks/Torres
  • Fanny Cyrel (PPP) Efate
  • Purity Tavue (KDP) Santo
  • Lettie Kaltongga (VLP) Port Vila
  • Hilda Lini (IND) Port Vila
  • Jenny Ligo Viregagaru (IND) Port Vila
  • Wendy Himford (KDP) Port Vila
  • Maryanne Bani (IND) Port Vila
  • Mankin Rita Valia (VPPEpi
  • Tasso Leinavai (VP) Epi
  • Enny Yonah (VPPEpi
Source: The approved candidate lists of Oct 10 and Oct 15, as well as Vanuatu Daily Post reports and Vanuatu Daily Digest and PiPP.
See Pacific Institute of Public Policy – Vanuatu Elections blog or Vanuatu Daily Digest or PACWIP on Facebook to view the official list of approved candidates for Vanuatu National Elections.










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