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21st August, 2012

Malaita Provincial Government through its regional governing body aims to support women in the province.  Speaking to the Solomon Star Premier Edwin Suibaea said the provincial government has set polices that will address women issues in the province.  Mr Suibaea said the policy encourage gender equality, encourage women as micro entrepreneurs and empower them to become politicians.  He said 75,000 of Malaita Province population are women therefore it is important for women to be utilised. He added the provincial government has included women in its regional governing bodies which mean each regional council have women representatives.

“This is to encourage women to become players in whatever developments in the province.” The Premier said women will fully take part through the regional frame work set by the provincial government. However Mr Suibaea pointed out that women division in the province needs support from the National Government in order to implement the policy.

“Our women division needs to be strengthened in terms of capacity, human resources and logistics.” He said with the discussion he had with the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Women, Youth, Children, Family Affairs Ethel Sigimanu, the mother ministry pledge to support women work in the province. The PS said her ministry is serious to support women in Malaita Province in areas beyond the provincial authority. Thus Mr Suibaea said the provincial government will work closely with the Ministry of Women to implement its policy to promote women in the province.

By Jennifer Kakai

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