Luganville Deputy Mayor congratulates Vanuatu women candidates

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12th November, 2012

Deputy Mayor of Luganville Town, Elizabeth Tasso Sihos, has congratulated all women candidates around Vanuatu for their struggles to contest in the national election despite the fact that none of them secured a seat.

Sihos congratulated them for the initiative they took to make sure equality prevails in leadership roles and decision makings at national level. She encouraged the women candidates who failed to secure a seat from their constituencies to keep the faith and continue to work for the future. She said one day they will achieve what they have been longing for. She urged the new government to make sure there is equal sharing of positions within all sectors at provincial and national level.

“The newly formed government of tomorrow must make sure positions are shared equally within different sectors from the provincial and national level. This will help women to be part of decision making over affairs happening in Vanuatu,” she said.

Sihos said it’s time women around the country who are well educated should be treated equally as men to take up the role of leadership and decision making inside Vanuatu.

By Harrison Selmen for Vanuatu Daily Post

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