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17th August, 2012

GENERAL Secretary of the PNG Youth Workers Association Joe Mesa has commended the appointment of Loujaya Toni as the Minister for Youth, Religion and Community Development.
“It is great to have Ms Loujaya Toni appointed to lead the ministry which her predecessor Dame Carol Kidu raised it to a status of special recognition from where it used to be before that,” said Mr Mesa.
“And as a young woman with field experience to lead a ministry is what I and the PNG Youth Workers Association is confident that she would continue well from where her predecessor had left.”
He said Minister Toni had spent most of her professional life with youths, women and churches. She understands well the life of youths, family units, and ethnic groupings that make up a society both in rural and urban settings.
In order for a nation to develop, local communities need to develop first and the conditions of people living there have to be improved as a basis of national development.
He added that the Government has to know that the Department of Youth, Religion and Community Development is the key ministry for national development and therefore it must be supported well with more funding to have its policies implemented within the target time frame.
With appropriate funding, the ministry can ensure that youth, women and church participation play a key role in developing the nation.
The General Secretary also assured the new Minister of the support of the National Youth Workers Association. He pledged to provide the support she needs to implement the policies of her department.
Mr Mesa said he also has confidence in the acting Commissioner for National Youth Commission and the acting Secretary for the department Ms Anna Solomon who will provide the leadership needed to make it the best to help with the nation’s development.
“It is time this Government which the majority of the population supported, through this department let youths, churches and the women fully participate in developing the nation,” said Mr Mesa.

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