Hon. Baklai Temengil is Palau’s First Woman Cabinet Minister

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06th March, 2013

Hon. Baklai Temengil, Minister Community and Cultural Affairs

Ms. Baklai Temengil, the first woman cabinet member for the 9th constitutional government has officially taken her oath of office. Minister Temengil swore in on Thursday February 21, 2013 at the old Olbiil Era Kelulau to head the Ministry of Community and Cultural Affairs becoming President Remengesau’s second cabinet appointment to take office.

President Remengesau’s welcomed Ms. Temengil to Cabinet in his speech:
“Having Baklai to be the Minister of Community and Cultural Affairs is based on the belief of her knowledge, enthusiasm, and we believe that she can do the job. Its not because she’s a woman so we chose her and celebrate today.

PHOTO: New Palau female Minister, Ms Baklai Temengil, taking her oath of office (Oceania TV News)

“Baklai as a person, as an individual, she has proven herself in the past years of her job and her contribution to the youth of Palau. I think she’s well qualified deserves this job. And because she’s a woman it’s a bonus. We all need a woman’s touch on everything. And I think that will help her on a lot of things that we are facing about the youth and the elderly people.“

Taking her oath of office, Ms. Baklai Temengil repeated the words:
“I, Baklai Temengil, agree to enforce and protect the constitution of the republic of Palau, and all the laws in the states, and make sure to do my job as Minister of the Community and Cultural Affairs to the best of my abilities, and may God help me.”

After taking her oath of office, in her first speech as Minister, Ms. Temengilthanked her supporters and expressed gratitude to the Senate and ministry supporters:

“The senate as well as everyone for all your commitment and support to this ministry. We will and we must work together to make it all possible for everyone
So I will ask and use the Olympic theme that Minister Umiich Senegebau and bring it to this office to its rightful place. ‘Tia de prerii’”

Family, friends and colleagues were on hand to congratulate Temengil and witness the ceremony. Temengil’s appointment had earlier been confirmed by the Palau Senate on February 13. It is unclear whether Temengil will continue her tenure as Secretary General of the Palau National Olympic Committee as she is now officially the Minister of Community and Cultural Affairs.

By Rolynda Jonathan, Oceania TV News.

Watch the ceremony online: Oceania TV News

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