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21st November, 2013

Pacific Centre for Peacebuilding facilitator Tevita Tokalauvere stresses a point to participants

A GROUP of women from Bulileka and Urata in Labasa are attending a three-day leadership training to help them discover their skills and potential in becoming peace-builders, .

The training, facilitated by the Pacific Centre for Peacebuilding, is aimed at helping women identify ways of ensuring peace in their respective communities, resolving conflicts and becoming good leaders.

Centre supervisor Northern Sindhu Prasad said: “As we are a peace-building organisation, it’s our responsibility to train these women on how best they can react when they come across conflicts, how they can become good peacemakers and leaders”.

“At least, with these characters, they will be able to voice out their opinions in public and also participate in their village, district and provincial meetings. We are targeting women between the ages of 18 and 30 because these are the ones who are young and courageous to speak out in public about issues that they encounter daily.”

Ms Prasad said they included Fijians of Indian descent in the training.

“In the past, we have always conducted such trainings for iTaukei women only. Now we have included other races since they are all women with similar issues.”

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