Fiji’s Action plan for Women making progress

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09th June, 2014

Minister for Women, Social Welfare & Poverty Alleviation, Dr. Jiko Luveni. Photo: FBC

The ‘Women’s Plan of Action’ has contributed positively towards women representation at all levels of decision making in Fiji’s rural communities. Designed to develop the potential of women around the country in areas related to social, political and economic growth, the ‘Women’s Plan of Action’ or WPA is producing results. The Minister for Women Dr Jiko Luvenisaid WPA has five areas of development. This including formal sector employment and livelihood, elimination of violence against women and children, equal participation into decision making, women and law and easier access to services. The Ministry has also opened 52 women’s resource centres while 68 communities have declared their commitment to the ‘Zero Tolerance of Violence Against Women and Children Campaign’ with 26 of these communities now declared violence free.


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