Fiji Women’s Forum gets underway in Suva

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01st July, 2014

The Fiji Women’s Forum Candidate Capacity Strengthening Workshop got underway at the Holiday Inn in Suva today with 21 representatives of political parties and civil society.

“We are also happy to be able to host this consultation at a time that is so important for this nation. At a time when everybody is preparing for the 2014 elections and you ladies have identified yourselves as the warriors for women in this country you have come forward to stand for the elections for your parties, but also as women – Congratulations!” said Adi Finau Tabakaucoro, “We hope that the consultations will help all candidates to improve your ways of work and strategies in order to go through the elections with flying colours.”

The 5 currently registered political parties have been invited to participate in the workshop.

It has been clarified this morning that the Fiji First Party has not finalized their candidates and therefore they have not been able to confirm participants.

With the experience of the facilitators including Leslie Clark and Dame Carol Kidu, the Fiji Women’s Forum is privileged and honoured to be part of this initiative said Tabakaucoro.

“You are here for an agenda for all of Fiji. The success of this programme relies on you – your involvement, commitments and engagement on this programme – and there will be homework and will require you to share and work together,” says co facilitator Lesley Clarke

This training is about offering the opportunity to women from across the political landscape of Fiji and responds to the need for more women elected and assist in the development of post-election strategies which will bring about a strong agenda for women through the parliamentary system.

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