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11th April, 2018

By Vishaal Kumar.

WOMEN should be given equal opportunity as men in politics so they have a say and are able to make decisions which will affect not only them but also the entire country.

These were the sentiments shared by the national president of Shree Sanatan Dharm Pratinidhi Sabha Fiji, Sarju Prasad, on the topic of having more women engaged in politics in the country.

Mr Prasad claimed mothers, daughters and sisters were subjected to ruthless attacks by people in the country.

“This has to stop and if we have the voice of our women in Parliament, they will look at it differently and if there is cohesion among them, a lot of improvement can be done,” he said.

“Women are the first educators of humanity and peace makers of our society. They must be respected, protected, given an opportunity to make a decision as to the direction as to which our people, country and future should go.

“My message to the followers who will be going to the election to vote, they must elect the people or a government that is mindful of the social, economic and political stability and progress of the country,” Mr Prasad said.

“They should elect people who promote love, affection between races, religions and the diversity of cultures in the country.

“Fiji is a diverse country with many interests, traditions and cultures and we should have people who can bring about unity and diversity.”

There are about 200,000 members represented by the Sabha in the country.

[Source: The Fiji Times online, April 09, 2018]

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