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03rd October, 2018

The inclusion of three women with roots in Ba has boosted FijiFirst’s bid to firmly secure this male-domi­nated community.

Their naming as provisional candidates was a strategic move to give the party a new dimension in the changing dynamics of the 2018 General Election.

From left: FijiFirst party’s Minister Rosy Akbar, Ms Ivamere Saunaqali, and Ms Naziah Ali, confirned to stand in the 14th NOv 2018 elections in Fiji.

Former senior education officer Ivamere Rokoduna Saunaqali, and business entre­preneur Lisi Naziah Tora Ali have joined Minister for Health and Medical Services Rosy Akbar to strengthen the party’s cam­paign in Ba.

They complement the male lineup of Min­ister for Local Government, Housing and Community Development, Infrastructure and Transport Parveen Bala, Government Whip Ashneel Sudhakar, Assistant Minis­ter for Agriculture Viam Pillay and entre­preneur Arvin Kumar Singh.

Although she is originally from Kia, Ma

c­uata in Vanua Levu, Mrs Saunaqali, has lived in Ba most of her life.

She married her husband from Nailaga, raised a family of four, and worked as a school teacher and education officer.

She is well known in the Ba region. She currently lectures at the Fiji National Uni­versity.

Mrs Ali, who has business interests in pub­lic relations, publication, food and bever­age, is married to soccer star Roy Krishna. Her mother is from Ba and she maintains a strong connection with her Ba people.

Mrs Akbar has their support as they try to woo voters.

Among their male colleagues, Mr Bala stands out. He was a former Mayor of Ba and is still connected to the region. He is ably assisted by Mr Sudhakar, Mr Pillay and Mr Singh.

Their Ba connection makes the seven a formidable bunch and earn the tag, the “Magnificent Seven.” They will be the team to beat in the election.

[Source: Fiji Sun Online, 25 Sep 2018]

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