Dr Perpetua Konman Seated as First Woman in the FSM Congress

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13th December, 2021

WENO, CHUUK. December 13, 2021. – Dr. Perpetua Sappa Konman made history today as the first ever woman to be sworn in and seated as a Member of the Congress of the Federated States of Micronesia.

The Third Special Session of the 22nd Congress virtually convened today to address measures still pending before the Body and administer the Oath of Office to the successful candidate of the National Special Election on November 12, 2021.  The passing of the late Senator Derensio S. Konman had vacated the seat for the representative of Congressional Election District No. 3 in the state of Chuuk to the FSM Congress.

Speaker Wesley W. Simina administered the Oath of Office to the new Senator witnessed by the leadership of the Chuuk State Government, legislative representatives and mayors of Southern Namoneas along with families, close friends and people who wanted to witness and be part of this momentous milestone in the FSM’s history. You can watch the swearing in ceremony online.

Speaker Simina said the event speaks to “the essence of democracy.” He shared how various measures were introduced over several Congress bodies for reserved seats for women and how the same measure is a topic of the ongoing Constitutional Convention. He said, “We knew this would happen, we just didn’t know when.”

“This is evidence of the political maturity in our people and speaks well of our bedrock belief in the innate wisdom of democracy…democracy is alive and well in the FSM,” added Speaker Simina.

Senator Konman also share a few remarks to thank the people of Southern Namoneas for entrusting the continuity of her late husband’s work to her. She noted that her place in history is not “a personal victory or one woman’s victory, but [rather] the humble celebration of a success that we hope can benefit all men and women.

“In the development of our communities, let us not forget the important traditional roles that women hold – they are landowners, peacemakers or harmonizers,” she concluded.

Senator Konman is a medical doctor by profession with over 30years of service and education in the medical field. Born September 29, 1972, Konman hails from Fefan island in the state of Chuuk and is the widow of the late Congressman Derensio S. Konman. They have 6 lovely children.

Following the Oath of Office, the Congress went into recess to resume tomorrow at 10am Chuuk and Yap time and 11am Pohnpei and Kosrae time.  The virtual sessions of the FSM Congress are accessible through its website at: www.cfsm.gov.fm

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