Disappointment at low number of women elected in Niue

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16th April, 2014

A former MP in Niue says it’s disappointing the general elections saw no increase in the number of elected women to parliament.

The top two pollers in the common roll, Stanley Kalauni, and Toke Talagi, the premier since 2008, are continuing to lobby for support to determine who will become the next Premier.

Former MP Esther Pavihi, who also unsuccessfully contested this years elections, says in 2008 there were four women representatives, and that dropped to three in the last assembly.

She says her campaign this year was very last minute, but it’s a shame there weren’t more women candidates to win a place. “Let’s just say that there was actually some hope that there will be support for women candidates, particularly on the common role, but that didn’t eventuate. And now you have only two members who are women in the house.”

Esther Pavihi says however, the winner for Toi village is still to be drawn from a hat, and she has her fingers crossed that woman candidate Mokaelalini Vaha’s name will be drawn to take the number of successful women up to three.

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