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11th July, 2014

(Photo Credit: Cook Islands News)

Preliminary results have now been publicised, and according to Cook Island News, atleast three of the 7 women that stood for elections have been successful. One of the candidates, Ms. Tetangi Matapo, received equal number of votes with Mr. Tokorua Pareina for the Tamarua Constituency.

They three women who look likely to have won their seats are:
1. Ms. Ngamau Munokoa;
2. Ms. Selina Napa;
3. Ms. Vainetutai Rose Toki-Brown.

According to the Cook Islands Ministry of Finance & Economic management, the final count for the election results will occur on 14th July 2014. According to ABC news, if the preliminary results play out as expected, the Cook Islands could be headed for a coalition government. Also, since most of the results are quite close, there may be court challenges, judging from what transpired in past elections.

Source: Cook Islands News

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