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10th August, 2012

The fight for women’s cause and advocacy in the decision making arena has borne fruit.
This is the feeling the President for PNG Women in Politics Maria Hayes shared yesterday. While thanking the three new women MPs Maria Hayes thanked the Media for much publicity for women’s issues and cause, the fruit of the women’s network in politics and the National Council of women and its entire advocacy did not go astray. “It took for this to come,” Mrs Hayes said.
“I would like to congratulate especially our development partners, United Nations and Australian Government, for supporting us and giving sources and resources to go out and advocate. If it was not for them we would not have come this far.
She specifically noted the education awareness that has taken place by the Centre for Democratic Institute (CDI), and other political educations programs, CDI’s own support through the women’s network –the National Council of Women through the Department of Community Development.
Mrs Hayes also thank the government, the previous government with Dame Carol Kidu that had set a big pace, an example let the men realize that women can do work as men can through her advocacy and fights in parliament for legislatives that need to put in place.
Her leadership along has brought a lot of things to surface and educate our men folk on respecting women and allowing women to partake in leadership of this country in terms of decision making. I must also congratulate out current government that has boosted the women’s political development in terms of helping us to set the legislation –the 22 women’s seat.
She in the last government we only lack number to get the provision in place through the organic law which is suppose to be strengthening the enabling law with the provision saying that equality and participation law was suppose to be implemented when writs were issued. This spelt it spelt it out very clear. People in administration never acted upon it even women brought it to their attention.
“It is a case of it own and will be taken up later,” she said.
She congratulated the three women MPs that have made women of PNG proud. Sohe Open; Delilah Gore, Lae Open; Loujaya Toni and Eastern Highlands Governor Julie Soso Akeke.
She said Gore did very well when she led all the way, “I would like to congratulate the voters of Sohe for having the confidence in her. “Now it is time to support her and to realize her dream in exercising her powers in her leadership.”
Loujaya Toni been a strong advocator worked closely with women’s network but spends time with the churches. “I see her as a strong young talented politician. She will also drive a lot of policies to her heart especially people’s welfare. I am proud of her. Loujaya I take my hat out to you, especially her electorate and people of Morobe that has given her that mandate, we are behind her. “
The PNG WIP is proud that she has been given a ministry. “We will be with her, work closely with her making sure she delivers.”
“I am a bit worried that she is a new MP and Lae Open needs her as the ministry is an extra work for but the network is there to be utilized.
Julie Soso Akeke is a leader in her own right, the president for Eastern Highlands Province Council of Women, for the last three election she has tried very much to get into governorship. “Her win has brought a different milestone for us. I so happy, there is a big breakthrough that she has done for us.” Mrs Hayes said.
The network can now say we have seen the seed of the work that had been done for so many years.
She said many women who stood many were in the first ten bracket which means a big improvement from the last elections.
She anticipated that 2017 will be a totally different ball game. “I can see women coming home. They will be racing like nobody’s business against the men.”
The win she said is a good margin. The UN statistic has been boosted in the global data for Pacific women in politics. I
“We look forward in working in partnership with them to make sure we delivery. PNG women at large are with them in prayers and we would like to see development.”
Women in Politics gave a specially thanks to Triumph Heritage Party leader Don Polye, President for THE Party; Bungtabu Brown and Susan Setae, representative for Southern Region for giving that support and chance for PNG women to advance.

[Post Courier ‘Feature’ article by By NELLIE SETEPANO]

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