Pacific Women’s Parliamentary Partnerships Forum 2014

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Start Date: 21st December, 2017

City/Town: Suva, Central

Contact Person: Fiona Way

Organisation: Pacific Partnerships Network

End Date: 22nd December, 2017

Country: Fiji


Pacific Women’s Parliamentary Partnerships, funded by the Australian Government, will support the professional and skills development of Pacific women parliamentarians and parliamentary staff; develop engagement between women in the Pacific region and their parliaments; and support research into gender equality and creating gender sensitive parliaments.

Female members of Pacific parliaments are meeting in Suva at the end of April for their third annual forum designed to support women in the region in politics and to assist Pacific parliaments in addressing gender equality issues.  This year male parliamentarians will join their female counterparts for one day of the Forum.

The Pacific Women’s Parliamentary Partnerships Forum aims to build capacity of women MPs in the Pacific and develop understanding of the factors that contribute to Pacific women’s success in achieving political office and the support they require once they are elected. This forum is an important part of ensuring the activities or the full five years of the Pacific Women’s Parliamentary Partnerships project meet the needs of Pacific women parliamentarians it aims to support.

It is also an opportunity for women parliamentarians in the Pacific and Australia to meet with each other and discuss the further development of the project’s activities and outcomes.

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