Nauru is a Westminster-style constitutional democracy. The Nauru legislature is a unicameral parliament with 18 members, elected every three years. The executive consists of a President who is appointed from amongst the members of the legislature. The President performs the functions of both the Head of State and Head of Government. The President appoints the Cabinet, which can be made up of six ministers (including him/herself) from the elected Members of Parliament.

Just over 7400 voters have registered to vote fro the upcoming elections, with atleast 14% estimated to be overseas. Voting is compulsory for all citizens in Nauru on election day.

The Writ for elections was issued on 12th July 2019, with the dates for elections set for 24th August 2019. Key dates and sequencing of events around the general elections are as follows:

Issue of writ 12 July 2019
Publish Roll 17 July 2019
Close of Roll 3 August 2019
Candidate nominations open 4 August 2019
Candidate nominations close 10 August 2019
Last day for candidates withdrawal 13 August 2019
Publishing of Candidates names 14 August 2019
Draw for position on ballot paper 14 August 2019
Start of Early Voting 15 August 2019
Close of Early voting 23 August 2019
POLLING DAY 24 August 2019


On 14th August 2019, the Nauru Electoral Commission announced a total of 60 candidates of which 5 are women  (8%), that will stand for the general elections, competing for 19 seats in 8 Constituencies. Full names and details of the candidates can be viewed on here.

The names of the five women candidates for the Nauru general elections are: Charmaine Scotty (Yaren District), Isabella Dageago (Yaren), Gabrissa Hartman (Ubenide), Ronay Dick (Menen) and Kaye Aliklik (Ubenide).