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Tuvalu is a small island state with a population of approximately 11,400 people. The Tuvalu Parliament has 15 members. There are no formal political parties in Tuvalu and election campaigns are largely based on personal/family ties and reputation. Tuvalu elects its members from 8 island constituencies – seven of the constituencies have two members and one constituency has one member. Elections are held every 4 years, with the last one held in March 2015.

Since independence, there have been only two woman elected to the national Parliament, and few women have run as candidates. In the 2010 elections, no women were elected, but following a by-election due to the death of a member of parliament, Hon Pelenika Isaia was elected. More women have become involved at the local level government, with women participating in the quarterly meetings of Falekaupule Assemblies and serving on various development committees in the Kaupule (Council) for each island.

In the last General Election in March 2015, a total of 29 candidates stood for elections, three of them being three women candidates (10%). Two of the women candidates, Dr Puakena Boreham and Pelenike Tekinene Isaia, both ran for the two seats of the Nui Electoral District. The third women candidate was Hilia Vavae from the Nanumea Electoral District. Dr. Puakene Boreham was the only woman who won her seat, being the one woman (6%) in a 15 member parliament.

On Friday 07th June, the Notice of General Election for 9th September 2019 was signed by the then Acting Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister Hon. Maatia Toafa.

The commissioner of elections, Mr. Tepaukie Sotaga, in a media interview  said public announcements have now started on Radio Tuvalu to explain to voters the schedule of events and legal requirements for the poll. According to the Tuvalu government website, citizens who are18 years and over can register to vote, and Tuvaluans living abroad are also able to register and vote. 

For the 9th September 2019 general elections, there were 37 candidates, two of whom are women (5%), namely Valisi Alimau, who was contesting in the Nukufetau electorate, and Puakena Boreham who was seeking re-election in the Nui electorate.

Hon. Puakena Boreham is now re-elected into Parliament, again being the one woman (6%) in a 15 member parliament.


No Women MPs

No Women MPs