Hon Victoria Sino Oloratavo

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Hon Victoria Sino Oloratavo

Party: None

Term: 2019-13

Electorate: Kusaghe Ward

Province: Western

Political Status: Member, Western Provincial Assembly



The election of the new Provincial Member for Kusaghe ward, Ms Victoria Sino Oloratavo, into the Western Provincial Assembly is positive news for the women of this nation, considering the low level of participation by women in both the National Parliament and the Provincial Assemblies.

On Monday 29 June, 2009, the election of new provincial leaders by the people of Western Province was successfully completed. According to the Returning Officer for Western Province, Mr. Jonathan Bana, out of the 172 candidates contesting the 26 seats in the Assembly, only 1 of the 8 women contesting were successful.

This is the first time for a woman to be elected into the Western Provincial Assembly and whilst official election results are yet to be announced by the Minister for Provincial Government Hon. Manasseh Maelanga, confirmation of the election of Victoria Sino Oloratavo is a subtle indication of change to the perception of women in political leadership.

Ms Victoria Sino Oloratavo who is a member of the Christian Fellowship Church Group (CFC) won more than 80% of the total votes cast. Ms. Oloratavo was a long serving bank officer for Westpac Bank but had resigned and returned to her village when she decided to contest the elections.

The outcome of the election result was welcomed by the Ministry of Women, Youth and Children’s Affairs because it demonstrated the confidence of the people in Kusaghe, North New Georgia in a woman representative in the highest provincial decision-making body.

To date, only 6 women have been elected into Provincial Assemblies. The five women who are currently serving as provincial members are:

  • Rennell and Bellona Province: Ms Anne Pugeva
  • Isabel Province: Ms Rhoda Sikilabu and Ms Beverly Dick
  • Makira Province: Ms Nester Marahora and
  • Western Province: Ms Victoria Sino Oloravato

It is hoped that this increasing but gradual acceptance and election of women representation in the provincial level,will pave the way forward for more women representation in the national political arena in the country, where only 1 woman has ever been elected into the National Parliament.

SOURCE: http://www.parliament.gov.sb/index.php?q=node/426