Hon Anne Pugeva

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Hon Anne Pugeva

Party: N/A

Term: 2006-2010

Electorate: West Gaongau ward

Province: Rennell and Bellona

Political Status: Member, Rennell & Bellona Provincial Assembly

MyBlog: Rennell Bellona Election Results (December 2006)

Provincial Elections nearly completed
The elections for the six provinces scheduled for this month is over, except one. Yes, Malaita for various reasons had to delay elections in 25 Wards. The Minister for Provincial Government has not set any definite date for the election. However, he has indicated that the elections will be held sometimes in January 2007.

Isabel, Central, Guadalcanal, Temotu, Rennell Bellona and Malaita province need honest leaders who have a heart for their people. The people demand of the leaders they elected to deliver what is required of them. The elected leaders of the provinces now have the opportunity to chart and navigate their ships through both fine and rough weather.That’s a tall order, but that what they’re got themselves into.

MyBlog believes that the reality is that the leaders cannot help develop their provinces, communities and Solomon Islands without the co-operation of the people. Each Solomon Islander has a part to play in society to make the country a better place live. The time people look only to their leaders, aid donors and development partners is over. They must join hands together with those partners to move the vessel “Solomon Islands” forward.

Rennell-Bellona Provincial Election results
The province has elected its first female assembly member. She is Anne Pugeva who won the West Gaongau Ward on Bellona Island. She is the only woman who contested the Rennell-Bellona Provincial elections. Mrs Pugeva joins the two other women who have won seats in the Isabel Provincial Assembly.

Here are the rest of the results in the Rennell Bellona elections.
Rennell Island
East Tenggano Ward – William Kaunga(O); West Tenggano Ward – Lence Tango(O); Lughu Ward – Timothy Johnston(N); Kanava Ward – Edward Kaitu’u(N); Te Tau Gangoto Ward – Sol Tepai(N) and Mugi Henua Ward – Mathew Taupongi(O)
Bellona Island
Matangi Ward – Soly Amonga Tenamoana(O); East Gaongau Ward – Brian Poaika(N); West Gaongau Ward – Mrs Anne Pugeva(N) and Sa’aiho Ward – Kusol Tepuke(N).

The results show the elections of six new members and only four members from the previous administration retaining their seats. Key: N-New member, O-Old member