Miong Kila

Miong Kila

Party: Independent

Term: N/A

Electorate: Huon Guld District

Province: Morobe

Political Status: N/A

Summary Biography

I am currently the Vice President for the Morobe Provincial Council of Women. I served this office for the past nine (9) years.  I worked in partnership with the community development officers to host workshops and make the people of the rural areas know about the issues that are affecting the women and churches. The issues are: various forms of violence against women, particularly domestic violence; child abuse including sexual abuse; child maintenance; HIV AIDS

I also bring awareness to people about the gender equality which gives a woman citizen equal right to participate and benefit from the development of the country.  Being a woman leader, I strongly believe that integral human development is a priority as we need every person to be developed so they can do anything on earth without fear to achieve their goals and objectives.

Work Experience

  • Coca Cola Amatil (PNG) Ltd – relieving Training Officer/Stationary Coordinator, served for three (3) years.
  • Prima Small Goods Ltd – Credit Controller for four (4) years
  • Chemica Ltd – Training Manager for three (3) years
  • Multi Skills Training School – Industrial Training Coordinator for three (3) years
  • Cameron Construction Ltd – Administrative Safety Officer/Trainer and Translator (current position)

Training Achievements

  • Certificate in Human Resources
  • Master Trainer Certificate in HIV/AIDS for business and rural
  • Assessor Certificate from the Department of Labour
  • Trainer for Community Training

Key Achievements

Once every person is developed they can do anything on earth without fear to achieve their goals or objectives. In order to achieve this every person must be developed in the following areas:

  1. Social
  2. Political
  3. Spiritual
  4. Economic

All these four (4) components contribute to develop a person’s mindset and thus an Individual, Family, Community, District, Province, Country. As a candidate I have seen this is the only way for our Country to become prosperous and powerful.

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