Senator Regina Kyota Mesebeluu

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Senator Regina Kyota Mesebeluu

Party: None

Term: 2008-12

Electorate: Common Roll

Province: N/A

Political Status: Senator

Senator Regina Kyota Mesebeluu – Chairwoman, Health and Education Committee. Senator Mesebeluu is a graduate of San Diego State University with a Master’s Degree in Education Leadership. She served over 20 years in the Ministry of Education as a classroom teacher, coordinator and director of various Federal Programs and, ultimately, Education Specialist in charge of Health and Science Curriculum for the Republic of Palau. Subsequently, she became the director of Belau Head Start Program, serving children and families throughout the Republic. Regina is married to former Delegate Mesebeluu with three children and four beautiful grandchildren.

* Chairperson, Senate Committee on Health and Education
* Vice-Chairperson, Senate Committee on Tourism Development
* Member, Senate Committee on Ways and Means and Financial Matters
* Member, Judiciary and Governmental Affairs
* Member, Senate Committee on Capital Improvement Projects
* Member, Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs and State Relations