Ms. Marstella E. Jack

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Ms. Marstella E. Jack

Party: N/A

Term: N/A

Electorate: Election District #3 Pohnpei State

Province: Kolonia, Pohnpei State

Political Status: N/A

Marstella E. Jack, a graduate of USP Law School, has 18 years of legal practice within FSM and around the Pacific region. She is bringing her legal experience to Congress to focus on law reform.

Marstella is running for Congress to take on the strategic issues not only facing the ED#3 constituents in Pohnpei State, but the challenges facing the nation as a whole, particularly as the year 2023 draws closer.  She will make an immediate impact on the Congress by combining her fresh female perspectives, with a strong legal background, and a track record of public service.

?Marstella is a Mwoakillese native with a history of community service to the FSM women through her extensive work as the volunteer legal advisor.

Marstella Jacks, biography can be viewed on her website here.