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Improving the representation of women in political leadership is an issue that cuts across CDI’s entire work program. This work recognizes that Pacific Island countries have repeatedly committed to promoting the advancement of women in different spheres of life, including that of political representation. The main goal of the CDI’s gender and political participation program is to work with focus countries to create an environment in which women can advocate on matters of policy, run for political office, be elected and govern effectively, and participate meaningfully in every facet of civic and political life. This requires a focus on gender relations: men’s and women’s roles, responsibilities and decision making in different areas of life, issues of power and control. Engaging men in this process is of utmost importance. CDI seeks to identify and engage with emerging leaders in its focus countries, namely, the countries of Melanesia. CDI works to identify and invest in future leaders who can act in the national interest of their countries, with a strong emphasis on nurturing and encouraging women and up-and-coming younger political leaders as a cross-cutting goal across their entire work program. For more information, click here.