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Governor Akiko C. Bedor Sugiyama
Party: N/A
Electorate: Ngardmau State
Province: Ngardmau State
Political Status: State Governor (current); National Senator (1996-2001)

Biographical data

Hon Akiko C. Bedor Sugiyama is one of the most successful femal politicians in Palau. She was the first women to ever be elected to the Palau Olbiil Era Kelulau (National Congress), in 1996, when she was elected into the House of Delegates. 

In 2005, she was elected governor of Ngardmau State in a special election after the impeachment of the then Governor Tudong . Along with Governor Vicki Kanai of Airai, she was the first woman to be elected governor of any of the states of Palau.

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