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This page collects stories on developments throughout the Pacific in promoting women in politics. Because many news sites in the Pacific archive their stories after a period of time, we have replicated the stories in full on this page, to keep an archive on efforts and article in the region. We thank all Pacific news colleagues for their contributions in sharing stories on women in politics. If you have a story we have missed, please send it to the PacWIP team on

(11 April 2014)
A United Nations advocate says Vanuatu women have one of the lowest levels of participation in political leadership. Dr Rosina Wiltshire visited Port Vila recently to run a workshop and told our correspondent Hilaire Bule that women's rights are still not fully recognised in Van
(09 April 2014)
Tonga's first Practice Parliament for Women is a crucial milestone and marks a very positive step forward for Tonga, said Queen Nanasipau'u Tuku'aho in opening the event today, April 7, in Nuku'alofa at the Faonelua Convention Centre. This was "a hist
(13 March 2014)
A global map of women in politics launched Tuesday by UN Women and the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) showed that while progress on women's political participatio
(17 February 2014)
Senators Jerilin Senior and Rukebai Inabo have been in Canberra observing how Australia's parliament works, as part of the Pacific Women's Parliamentary Program. Presenter: Bruce Hill Palau Senators Rukebai Inabo & Jerilin Senior SENIOR: It's also very e
(12 February 2014)
Solomon Islands Member of Parliament Hon. Milner Tozaka says he supports reserved seats for women in the national parliament and calls on the government to legislate the proposal before parliament dissolves in September 2014. Mr Tozaka made these remarks at a recent three-day
(12 February 2014)
A total of forty - seven women intending candidates and women leaders from 8 provinces in the Solomon Islands are currently taking part in the Solomon Islands Mock Parliament for women at the National Parliament House in Honiara. The highlight of the four days program will be the Mo
(11 February 2014)
A MOCK parliament for women will be conducted at the National Parliament from February 10 to 13. Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat in close collaboration with the UNDP Pacific Centre, the  National Parliament of Solomon Islands and the Solomon Islands Government are organising
(03 February 2014)
A group of Pacific women parliamentarians, former parliamentarians, future parliamentarians, policy makers and civil society are meeting in Fiji to advance women’s political participation and leadership in the region. The Pacific Islands have consistently produced the lowest n
(23 December 2013)
BUALA, Solomon Islands, Dec 21 2013 (IPS) - Women’s political representation in the Pacific Islands region is globally the lowest at 3.65 percent, compared to the world average of 18 percent. Leadership is still widely perceived as ‘men’s business’ and votin
(02 December 2013)
Parliament needs to reflect the society it represents, says Fiji Women's Rights Movement's executive director Virisila Buadromo. Explaining why it was important to support temporary special measures for women in Parliament, she said: "It is not about giving women specia
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