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This page collects stories on developments throughout the Pacific in promoting women in politics. Because many news sites in the Pacific archive their stories after a period of time, we have replicated the stories in full on this page, to keep an archive on efforts and article in the region. We thank all Pacific news colleagues for their contributions in sharing stories on women in politics. If you have a story we have missed, please send it to the PacWIP team on

(28 October 2015)
This research by Terrence Wood discusses the poor performance of women candidates in Solomon Islands elections and potential aid policy responses. The article outlines women candidates’ performance, details challenges faced by women, examines existing aid work designed to help wom
(18 March 2015)
By Senator Magdalena Walter December 31, 2014 Pohnpei, FSM  Last October, at the third FSM Women's Conference, I was asked to share my experiences as the longest serving female senator, and until recently, the only woman in the Pohnpei State Legislator with the hope that it w
(12 January 2015)
“COME UP WITH LEGISLATION TO CHANGE THE SITUATION:” ‘PRIME MINISTER ‘AKILISI POHIVA   [NUKU’ALOFA 08 JANUARY 2015 RADION 89.5FM NEWHEADLINE 7:00AM]:  The Tongan Women in Action (TWAC) network currently administered by the Women and Childre
(19 November 2014)
A new report on Public perceptions of women in leadership, released in Suva on 5 November, provides a window onto changing community attitudes about the role of women in political leadership in Fiji. The research also provides insight into the views that lie behind women&
(30 October 2014)
In a region that has long had the worst representation of women in politics in the world, Fiji’s recent election delivered some good news: one in seven Fijian MPs are women, while the parliament now has its first female Speaker.   In one of the best results for women
(13 October 2014)
Parliamentary Speaker Niki Rattle was chosen on Wednesday October 8th 2014 to return for another term as Speaker of the House, but not before some controversy. Rattle was in the process of being nominated by Prime Minister Henry Puna during the inaugural sitting of the 48t
(07 October 2014)
In accordance with the standing orders of parliament, the newly elected Members of Fiji's Parliament have elected Dr Jiko Luveni as the new Speaker of Parliament. Her election created history for the island nation as Dr Luveni becomes the first woman to control the proceedings o
(02 October 2014)
Women continue to struggle to break through the barriers of leadership and decision making especially in rural communities. Sometimes a barrier is because they do not have access to basic services. Sometimes it is simply because national policies including the national budget ma
(23 September 2014)
MP Jenny Latu Salesa has become the first Tongan to enter New Zealand Parliament following Saturday’s election.   The Labour Party MP said she was humbled by the result and would like to thank the voters of Manukau East who hav
(18 September 2014)
A feature of Fiji's 2014 election, the first since the military takeover eight years ago, is that there are more women contesting the poll than the last vote in 2006.   This year, out of 249 candidates approved by the Fiji Elections Office, women make up 17 per cent of
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