Solomon Islands Young Women's Parliamentary Group for Temporary Special Measures

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03 April 2012

Chairperson of the Young Women’s Parliamentary Group, Natalina Hong said Temporary Special Measures is the only possible way now for an inclusive and participatory system of Governance. Natalina made this statement in her address to the Governor General of Australia, Ms Quentin Bryce who met local women of all works of life at the National Parliament House on Tuesday the 3rd of April 2012.

In her address to Her Excellency, Natalina said, the situation here in Solomon Islands is similar, if not typical of most countries in the region where women literally have no chance of participating in governing the country at the Parliamentary level. She said since independence, only one female candidate has ever made it into Parliament under the current electoral system.

“Most people see this as an example of women getting into Parliament under the current system; I do not see it as such. This is an exception to the general rule, that under the current electoral system no woman can get into Parliament,” Ms Natalina said. “History and statistics are testament to this general rule, if one has to prove it,” she further said.

But this country needs a more inclusive and participatory system of governance to address the issues that are affecting the daily lives of our people, thus, Temporary Special Temporary Measures(TSM) are one way for addressing this. Whilst acknowledging the government of the day for its policies on gender equality, women development and the elimination of violence against women, she said the real test to this policy is its translation and implementation. Nevertheless, Ms Natalina said the Young Women’s Parliamentary Group’s (YWPG) establishment is for that purpose; that is to influence policy and legislation through focus strategic planning of its activities.

She said Parliament is the most important institution in this land, it is where laws are made, governments are held accountable to the people of this nation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and people are represented, this is where lives can be touched for better or worse. She further stated that the young people of this country who have been actively participating in activities want to see a government that is accountable to the people of this nation 24/7 and not every four years at general elections.

Ms Natalina thanked the people of Australia for continuous support through RAMSI and the bilateral relationships and wishes the Governor General and the people of Australia God’s blessing.

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