Samoa - Woman runs for Tautua Party

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17 July 2011
Alaiasa Elena Laufafa
Alaiasa Elena Laufafa

Alaiasa Elena Laufafa, age 66, of Falefa may not have the support of the matai to run in the by-elections but she is determined to make a difference. Thats why she registered yesterday for the Tautua Party. "The village asked me not to run and to give another candidate the chance. Its my right and I know whats best for my village." Since moving to Samoa from California, USA in 2005, the 66-year-old has always held the Tautua Party with great esteem.


Alaiasa lives in Falefa and sees how her people struggle everyday. The costs of living are high yet the people don't complain and take everything as it comes. "The village life is tough and I want to help my people. Tautua likes to help the people, " Alaiasa said yesterday.

As for being the only woman candidate for Tautua Party, Alaiasa has always wondered why politics has always revolved around men.
"If men can do it, then what about us women?" She wants to provide other income generating opportunities for her people through community projects, employment, and benefits towards self sufficiency over remittances.

Alaiasa, a widow, is a mother of three and grandmother of eight. Her children live in the United States.  She is a former technician of surgery. Tautua Pary whip Lealailepule Rimoni Aiafi said that his colleagues were pleased with her courage to stand for her rights.  "Hopefully Alaiasa's courage will encourage other women as with politics, it is mostly males," he said.

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