PNG Woman Candidate: vote for women in Madang, set the country free

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14 June 2012

PORT MORESBY  ---- Madang people urged to vote in a woman.  The people of Madang have been challenged to vote in a woman candidate if they are serious about seeing tangible change on the ground.The challenge was issued by Balim Pokpok Sumanop a woman candidate during a quiet rally she held at the main town market in Madang yesterday. Sumanop is one of two women candidates contesting the regional seat currently being held by National Alliance candidate and Former Chief Justice Sir Arnold Amet.

The other woman candidate is the President of the Madang Provincial Council of Women Mary Kamang. In her address to the residents Ms Sumanop likened PNG to a ship which needed both a captain and engineers. She said while it had a captain it lacked engineers which she stated are women. She said as a result and for 37 years men had crash landed the ship with corruption, immorality (having more than one wife), and lack of basic services. She said it was time for change and this would not happen if they (people of Madang) do not vote in a woman.

“…I am appealing to you all to stick with me so that we can fix the rubbish that has been created over the past 37 years

“PNG needs the wisdom of God- fearing women politicians to clean up the current political mess and set the country free,” she said.

Sumanop said there are six pillars of development she has for Madang and they are family unit as the basis for development, village and immediate place of residence as a center of focus for development, good governance, infrastructure program, monitoring and reviewing of existing Madang provincial government policies and investment initiatives. Sumanop was one of the first women in Madang to successfully complete a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Sociology and Political Science studies from the University of Papua New Guinea in 1977. She went on to do further studies at the London University. She has over 22 years of experience with public service in policy, planning and budgeting. She has also served in the National Planning office in Waigani as well as departments in Madang and East Sepik. She also has extensive volunteer service network with churches, NGO’s, youth, local farmers and women groups. Sumanop says she has something more to offer and that is her faith in the Lord.

“I believe it is the right time and God has prepared me in all areas of my life. I am not ashamed to say that I am not running under any political party. I am an Independent candidate and one for Jesus,” she said.

[Post Courier, via PACNEWS (PINA)]

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