PNG NCW launches "Know Your Woman Candidate: Vote Women" campaign

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01 June 2012


The National Council of Women today launched Know Your Woman Candidate 2012: Vote Woman, an initiative to support women contesting in this year’s National Elections. The campaign, supported by UN Women, is the first of its kind. It calls for equal participation in Parliament and aims to promote women candidates by profiling them in the media, and documenting their stories, challenges and successes. The 

National Council of Women (NCW) is inviting all interested women candidates to come forth and be a part of this campaign. “For too long we’ve been the underdogs. It’s time now to make way for more women to step up and make that difference – in Parliament,” said NCW President, Scholla Kakas. She said we have some very competent women leaders who are not only qualified or experienced, but capable of bringing significant change if given the chance.

“It is time now for Papua New Guinea to give women this chance”. “I urge all our fellow men and women to think wisely and vote wisely in this elections; vote our women,” said Ms Kakas. “Amidst all this recent political instability, PNG needs a positive change. And having more women politicians can bring that about” she added. The NCW commended and thanked outgoing sole female Politician and Port Moresby South East MP, Dame Carol Kidu, for being a champion, role model and for the tremendous impact she made during her terms in Parliament.

 “She has made a big difference not only to the lives of women in this country… but to the young, elderly, the disabled and everyone else that came under her leadership,” said the NCW President. To Dame Kidu, Ms Kakas said: “You’ve been a mother, a leader, you’ve been everything and we thank you for all that you have been and done for us”.

In 2007, 101 women contested in the general Elections. Dame Kidu was the only woman who succeeded to secure a place in parliament. This year, there are 136 women contesting, a significant increase from the last elections. The NCW said; “This is a bold stand for change and progress in Papua New Guinea and we salute these women”. She said Dame Kidu has left behind a legacy for these women to aspire to and break through the gender status quo in Parliament.

The National Council of Women also made special mention of outgoing politician and womens’ supporter, Sir Mekere Morauta, referring to him as the best economist and financial manager the country has seen. “The NCW, on behalf of all women, salute such leadership from the likes of Dame Kidu and Sir Mekere.”

Meanwhile, special thanks were made to the political parties that have endorsed or are supporting women candidates. President Kakas said this is a positive sign for gender equality and equal participation. It also shows the parties’ confidence and faith in their fellow-women. “It is now up to the people to decide,” she added.Ms Kakas challenged citizens to think carefully and vote wisely for the welfare of our people.

While a final list of the women candidates is yet to be released by the Electoral Commission, all women candidates who are interested in having their profiles set up and distributed are advised to contact the Know Your Woman Candidate 2012 telephone lines:

  • 321 9855 
  • 328 9852 
  • or (mobile) 7117 3262

UN Women’s representative, Ms. Julie Bukikun, said with Know Your Women candidate 2012, NCW and UN Women want to help give each woman a face in this race. A race which for too long, has been largely male-dominated. “Yes, it is time for a change. And the time to act is now,” said Ms. Bukikun. “The issue on the law relating to the reserve seats for women remains outstanding. The amendment to the Constitution to create women’s electorate is a Constitutional law and the Government must take action as a responsible Government to realise the rights of women in PNG” – it is the Government’s Constitutional duty to ensure this”. 

UN Women is grounded in the vision of equality enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations, works for the elimination of discrimination against women and girls, the empowerment of women, and the achievement of equality between women and men as partners and beneficiaries of development, human rights, humanitarian action and peace and security.

For more info, contact: Renagi Taukarai, Ph: 321 9855/52 Mob: 71173262 E: 

BELOW PHOTO: Post Courier Friday June 1, 2012 PNG National Council of Women president Schollar Kakas challenges every woman candidate to come forward and give her profile for the election.

Post Courier Friday June 1, 2012 PNG National Council of Women president Schollar Kakas challenges every woman candidate to come forward and give her profile for the election









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