Papua New Guinea Women Candidates Training Strategy

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20 April 2012

CDI Papua New Guinea Women Candidates Training Strategy

PHOTO: Mandang Group, 2nd Round training in March 2012

3rd Round - Candidate & Campaign Manager Progress Checks |
Port Moresby | 12-20 April 2012

CDI conducted three 2-day Progress Check workshops for intending candidates and their campaign managers as part of the Papua New Guinea Women Candidates Training Strategy (WCTS). The Strategy is a joint initiative between CDI and PNG’s Office for the Development of Women (ODW, an agency within the Department for Community Development). In addition, regional CSO partners have been engaged to assist in the identification of suitable participants and handling local logistics. The workshops were held in Port Moresby, with candidates from all Papua New Guinea regions participating. These Progress Checks were for candidates who had participated in the Strategy’s earlier training workshops, held between January and March 2012.

The Progress Checks were led by CDI Associate, Dr Norm Kelly, with assistance from fellow CDI Associate Dr Orovu Sepoe, Linda Reynolds, and Dr Lesley Clark; as well as PNG facilitators Steven Gari, Aga Irish and Erigeri Singin. A total of 49 candidates and 41 Campaign managers attended the three workshops. At the workshops, all candidates received individual assessments of their campaign plans and budgets from the CDI trainers, analysis of voter targets, and revision and refinement of messages and campaign materials. Additional training was also provided on media techniques, public speaking, and electoral laws.

The Progress Checks were held prior to the issuing of the election writs, which is due to occur on 18 May. The election itself is due to be held from 23 June to 6 July.

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